Monday, April 16, 2007

Make Biodiesel Now!

If you like to see a Mid-South Biofuel Club that meets in Memphis. Click here to leave comment.

Make Methane Gas from waste.

An Easy batch of Biodiesel the Dr. Pepper Method

More on making Methane Gas from waste.

Part I Biodiesel Man

Part II Biodiesel Man

Jay Leno Biodiesel Jet Turbine Car

Pacific Ethanol Inc – Bill Gates the wealthiest man in the world just purchase $84 Million in Pacific Ethanol Inc. Ethanol, and methanol production will continue to go up as the price of oil barrels continue to rise. Ethanol is a renewable resource that is easily made from sugar cane. Biodiesel is easily made from waste vegetable oil, sodium hydroxide, and methanol at a cost of only 50¢ to 60¢ a gallon. Bio-diesel can be used for heating oil to heat homes, and power diesel generators for electricity at price cheaper than your utility company can provide. So, why are we not making huge strides to tap into this renewable source of energy? The oil companies are afraid they will feel the pinch. When Dr. Rudolf Diesel first invented the diesel engine it was his intent for it to be run from almost any hydrocarbon from petroleum to peanut oil. As the price of gasoline continues to climb higher, more people will think of purchasing diesel vehicles, which are easily powered by biodiesel with no modification to the engine other than the fuel line. Why wait for hybrid technology to catch-up with our current fuel crisis. Biodiesel fuel is easy to make from wasted vegetable oil at a fraction of the cost of gasoline, and it's better for enviroment than petroleum based gasoline. Biodiesel is even safe enough for human consumption. Can you say that about gasoline? Darryl Hannah in her video for CBS drank biodiesel with no known ill effects. Again can you say that about any petroleum based fuel?

Darryl Hannah Serious about Biodiesel Video!

Algae for Biodiesel Fuel.

High School students make Biodiesel for 45¢/gal.

Wake Up America, We need Algae for Biodiesel.

Physicist searches for Alternative Fuel Technologies.

Video Algae for Biodiesel Fuel.

Vito Fossella for Biodiesel Use.

See if you have what it takes to apply for an energy grant:
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Bio-Jet Fuel in the News:
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Your first batch of Biodiesel

Gasoline Prices will continue to rise. What should we do next?

Algae Research for Biodiesel Fuel in News

Could cars of the future squirt water full of carbon monoxide to feed algae pools for biodiesel production?

Are you tired of paying almost $4.00/gallon at the gas pumps everytime you fill up?Hey, it's not going to get any better. Eventually it will hit $4.00/gallon, and stay there. Then please post this tag to as many blogs as you can daily, and let's get the word out about making biodiesel fuel now!

More information on the production of biodiesel:

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This is an excellent book:
From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank by Joshua Tickell

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